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 Election 2010: President of the WTS

Nominee: Drew Dawson (

Nominee Position Statement:

Over the next 20 years many of the researchers and research groups around the world will hand over the torch to a new generation. If the field is to move forward and build on an already considerable legacy we will need to adapt to a changing global research culture. The next few decades will see a shift toward larger multi-disciplinary and collaborative research programs.

To participate in this global dialogue, the WTS will need to develop a new generation of researchers for whom these new way of working have become instinctual. The WTS provides an ideal platform through which we can provide and encourage the collaborative architecture that will foster the next generation of scholars, regulators and industry leaders to engage with our field.

As President or as a Director, I will work enthusiastically with our committee to support the WTS and support the next generation of scholars shape global working time arrangements for the 21st century.

Drew Dawson


Nominee: Frida M. Fischer (

Dear colleagues.

My enthusiasm about themes related with Night and Shiftwork dated back the early 1970s, when a textile labor union requested to the School of Public Health of the University of São Paulo advice about working nights and wellbeing of their workers. Since then, I have been involved in teaching, supervising graduate and undergraduate students, and conducting academic studies in the area of shiftwork/night work and related issues, at the University of São Paulo. I have given advice to governmental agencies, labor unions, private institutions, as well as Court officers, preparing technical reports in disputed areas involving working time, night and shiftwork.  I have joined ICOH as a full member in 1984. Since 1982, I attended all International Symposia of Night and Shiftwork, later named Shiftwork and Working time. In 2003, a team of Brazilian researchers, including myself, organized the XVI International Symposium on Night and Shiftwork, in Santos, Brazil.  The Working Time Society has gradually evolved in the last two decades. A larger number of working time issues is now part of the symposia programs. In the current picture, the Working Time Society should try to expand its scientific activities. The WTS can play a significant role helping researchers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, to organize regional/local meetings in order to discuss working time issues associated with workers’ health. The president duties established by the Working Time Society cover several activities, such as tasks related with the functioning of the WTS society, participation in ICOH working agenda particularly ICOH Sub-Committee of Shiftwork and Working Time, and other ICOH SCs sharing similar interests, keeping close collaboration with international agencies and bodies (e.g. ILO, WHO, IARC), and professional organizations. It is also expected that the president of ISC supervise the organization of
conferences/symposia, publications, proceedings and position papers related with ICOH SC and WTS conferences, educational courses for young researchers, etc.

I am willing to continue the work of former presidents of our Working Time Society.  Thank you for your support.

Frida Marina Fischer

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