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Voting Procedure

  1. Each nomination MUST be endorsed by a Full Member of the WTS.
  2. The Nominator completes items #1-3 on the Nomination Form, and then:
    1. For self nominations,
      • The Nominee completes Item 4 on the Nomination Form, and then
      • the Nominee forwards the form to the Endorser, and then
      • the Endorser forwards the form to Frida Fischer (
    2. For nominations made by WTS Full Members (Nominator serving as Endorser),
      • the Nominator forwards the form to the Nominee for completion of Item 4, and then
      • the Nominee forwards the form to Frida Fischer (
  3. For nominations made by non-WTS Full Members (Nominator only),
    • The Nominator forwards the form to a WTS Full Member to serve as Endorser, and then
    • The Endorser forwards the form to the Nominee for Completion of Item 4, and then,
    • the Nominee forwards the form to Frida Fischer (
  4. Each Nominee are encouraged to complete Item #4, Position Statement. This statement should outline what the person seeks to accomplish while on the Board, and any germane qualifications for meeting their goals or position demands (i.e., ability to do simple accounting, if running for Treasurer).
  5. Frida Fischer will ensure submitted nomination forms have the proper endorsements by viewing the e-mail chain, and then submit the entire package to our Secretary, Sonia Hornberger for final review and checking (i.e., ICOH membership status for Officer nominations, etc.).
  6. Sonia Hornberger will provide the complying Nomination Forms to Johannes Gärtner, who will incorporate this information into the WTS elections website. Independently an e-mail will come out of the Elections Committee to the entire membership with the names, positions sought, and position statements of all Nominees.
  7. The web site will automatically calculate results based upon input. You will get an EMAIL from the website (they provide the technique for voting with a unique key that allows you to vote once). For those unable to access the website, an e-mail form will be provided; the form is to be returned to the Elections Committee e-mail address for manual entry by the Committee.
  8. Election results will by posted on the WTS web site and an e-mail sent to all members by December 31st.

Many thanks from the Membership Committee: Stephen Popkin (Chair), Frida Fischer, and Claudia Moreno.

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