Committee members

If you are not a WTS committee member, you are encouraged to contact an appropriate committee member to discuss any issues or problems you would like the committee to address. If you wish to promote your ideas and/or committee recommendation usability, share your committee communications with all of us.

Honours and Awards

The WTS Constitution and Rules include a special member honour, that of designation as a “Fellow” of the Society. It also allows for awarding “Honorary Member” status to non-members of the Society. This committee will perform these functions, as well as consider the possibility that some additional special awards should be made (for example, awards for “Best Oral Paper”, “Best Poster”, etc.). The Honours Committee will recommend to the WTS Board criteria and procedures for selecting award winners. Once the Board approves these awards and methods, the Honours Committee will be responsible for the performance of these activities.

Contact person: Dr. Mikael Sallinen

Members: Anna Dahlgren, Dagfinn Matre, Anne Marit Wöhrmann, Masaya Takahashi, Philip Bohle.