Committee members

If you are not a WTS committee member, you are encouraged to contact an appropriate committee member to discuss any issues or problems you would like the committee to address. If you wish to promote your ideas and/or committee recommendation usability, share your committee communications with all of us.


WTS by-laws require that we have a Membership Subcommittee to consider new applications for membership. Currently, it is appropriate to note that WTS does not have a complete and valid Membership list. The first task the Membership Committee is the development of a current and valid listing of WTS voting members. Once WTS has a valid membership list, this committee will be responsible for maintaining the list, attracting new membership applications, and evaluation of these applications. Membership is not to be limited to those who are able to attend the most recent Symposium. Making sure we retain old members is important. Recommending membership termination is difficult. A public access membership directory for the Society should be considered.

Contact person: Dr. Elaine Marqueze and Dr. Kyriaki Papantoniou