Committee members

If you are not a WTS committee member, you are encouraged to contact an appropriate committee member to discuss any issues or problems you would like the committee to address. If you wish to promote your ideas and/or committee recommendation usability, share your committee communications with all of us.


Working time nomenclature is poorly defined in the literature, and significant international differences in definitions exist. This working group will develop operational definitions (when possible) for working time nomenclature, monitor the use of nomenclature, and recommend definitions changes in nomenclature when needed. In addition, they will encourage Editors and symposium authors to use the WTS nomenclature. This committee will work on the development of a standard working time notation system for use by editors and authors, and encourage the development of a working time database using WTS nomenclature and notation.

Contact person: Prof. Claudia Moreno

Please send questions and suggestions to Elections Committee.

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