Committee members

If you are not a WTS committee member, you are encouraged to contact an appropriate committee member to discuss any issues or problems you would like the committee to address. If you wish to promote your ideas and/or committee recommendation usability, share your committee communications with all of us.


Papers from shiftwork symposia have been published, over the years, as books or as dedicated journal issues. The advantages and disadvantages associated with each of these two approaches are not the same. The Publications Committee will examine this publication issue, and develop some guidelines for the WTS Board to consider with regard to future publications. In addition, the Publications Committee will become an active agent-for-quality-publication. This might include tracking and promoting the citation and sale of past symposia papers, the endorsement of new publications, and/or the promoting future meetings. The Committee will solicit and consider all proposals for publication and then make recommendations to the WTS Board. These proposals may or may not include a journal dedicated to working time papers; endorsement of existing journals or meetings; and, encouraging WTS Member to make presentations at non-WTS meetings.

Contact person: Dr. Imelda Wong