Working Committees

of the Working Time Society

Committee members

If you are not a WTS committee member, you are encouraged to contact an appropriate committee member to discuss any issues or problems you would like the committee to address. If you wish to promote your ideas and/or committee recommendation usability, share your committee communications with all of us.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works on development, maintenance and use of the Society’s website, social media accounts and mailing list. The committee has been working to integrate different kinds of media and make the news from the society accessible for all members and persons who have interest in this field.

Contact person: Dr. Greg Roach

Elections Committee

The first WTS election was a positive start towards a democratic organisation, but our methods need improvement before we have another election. WTS might wish to use “nominations” made by a committee (in addition to open nominations). The WTS Board is working towards better geographical and gender representation, but it needs more guidance with regard to these issues. The Elections Committee will consider these issues in advance of election time, make practice recommendations to the Board, and carry out future elections to office. The Elections Committee will organize, hold and tabulate all future WTS elections.

Honours and Awards Committee

The WTS Constitution and Rules include a special member honour, that of designation as a “Fellow” of the Society. It also allows for awarding “Honorary Member” status to non-members of the Society. This committee will perform these functions, as well as consider the possibility that some additional special awards should be made (for example, awards for “Best Oral Paper”, “Best Poster”, etc.). The Honours Committee will recommend to the WTS Board criteria and procedures for selecting award winners. Once the Board approves these awards and methods, the Honours Committee will be responsible for the performance of these activities.

Contact person: Dr. Mikael Sallinen

Members: Anna Dahlgren, Dagfinn Matre, Anne Marit Wöhrmann, Masaya Takahashi, Philip Bohle.

Finance Committee

The WTS finance committee oversees WTS finances and engages in fundraising for WTS activities. The finance committee also develops and maintains guidelines for spending and serve the WTS community. Goals include to acquire funding to enhance opportunities for early career researchers and work towards a diverse and active membership. The finance committee also provides all necessary documentation for the two appointed WTS auditors, and supports the treasurer in all finance-related questions.

Contact person: Dr. Anna Arlinghaus and Dr. Céline Vetter

Membership Committee

WTS by-laws require that we have a Membership Subcommittee to consider new applications for membership. Currently, it is appropriate to note that WTS does not have a complete and valid Membership list. The first task the Membership Committee is the development of a current and valid listing of WTS voting members. Once WTS has a valid membership list, this committee will be responsible for maintaining the list, attracting new membership applications, and evaluation of these applications. Membership is not to be limited to those who are able to attend the most recent Symposium. Making sure we retain old members is important. Recommending membership termination is difficult. A public access membership directory for the Society should be considered.

Contact person: Dr. Elaine Marqueze and Dr. Kyriaki Papantoniou

Publications Committee

Papers from shiftwork symposia have been published, over the years, as books or as dedicated journal issues. The advantages and disadvantages associated with each of these two approaches are not the same. The Publications Committee will examine this publication issue, and develop some guidelines for the WTS Board to consider with regard to future publications. In addition, the Publications Committee will become an active agent-for-quality-publication. This might include tracking and promoting the citation and sale of past symposia papers, the endorsement of new publications, and/or the promoting future meetings. The Committee will solicit and consider all proposals for publication and then make recommendations to the WTS Board. These proposals may or may not include a journal dedicated to working time papers; endorsement of existing journals or meetings; and, encouraging WTS Member to make presentations at non-WTS meetings.

Contact person: Dr. Imelda Wong

Nomenclature Committee

Working time nomenclature is poorly defined in the literature, and significant international differences in definitions exist. This working group will develop operational definitions (when possible) for working time nomenclature, monitor the use of nomenclature, and recommend definitions changes in nomenclature when needed. In addition, they will encourage Editors and symposium authors to use the WTS nomenclature. This committee will work on the development of a standard working time notation system for use by editors and authors, and encourage the development of a working time database using WTS nomenclature and notation.

Contact person: Prof. Claudia Moreno

Please send questions and suggestions to Elections Committee.

Regarding the proposed procedures for the next voting

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee fosters research and collaboration within the field of shiftwork and working time. Its primary goals include promoting awareness of research and researchers that intersects shiftwork and working time; curating a list of topics needing to be explored to advance the field, both in research and implementation; fostering new research and researchers; and support research to practice activities. Current activities include reinstating the nomenclature subcommittee to improve communication within the discipline, curating a list of topics needing exploration, and highlighting and maintaining a list of recently published articles and authors germane to our research area.

Contact person: Dr. Stephen Popkin